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“A” Street / Citrus Heights Drive Update: Feb-17

Update 02/22/17: I heard back from the County, and 3/17 is the new estimated date of completion. Apparently, there were some issues that had to be worked out with the City of Riverside before the signal could be installed.

Citrus Heights Drive

Citrus Heights Drive FKA Fairway Drive FKA Street “A” isn’t open yet. If I hear back from the County, I’ll update this post with the new ETA.

I assume it won’t be long now, especially since Supervisor Jeffries listed Street “A” as a success story in his January 2017 newsletter:

Street “A” Open To General Traffic Soon
In 2009 the City of Riverside closed Dufferin Avenue to through Traffic, angering many of the area residents including the Village Grove Community. During the 2012 campaign Kevin Jeffries committed to these residents that as part of any new proposed development he would require the building of a road to get traffic from McAllister to Van Buren to get around the Dufferin blockage.

And so true to his word, he required CV Communities to obtain right-of-way and build a road as part of the first phase of their Citrus Heights development. As his first term came to an end the pavement was completed on Citrus Heights Drive (formerly Street “A”) and the street is scheduled to open soon!

Promises made… promises kept!

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I have been writing about this issue for almost eight years now. If you would like to read any of the history, click here: dufferin closure

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