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“A” Street / Citrus Heights Drive Update: Jul-16

It has been almost seven years since the City of Riverside closed Dufferin Avenue at McAllister Parkway.

Since then, affected residents have been waiting for construction of an alternate route (“A” Street) between McAllister Parkway and Van Buren Blvd. “A” Street was supposed to be completed prior to the closure.

In my last update, I shared some info from the County about the construction of “A” Street. At the time, the estimated completion date was July 2016.

According to the County, the new estimate is December 2016. It seems that the new name of the road will be Citrus Heights Drive.

I decided to venture out early this morning to check on the progress.

Looking southwest toward Citrus Heights / McAllister:

"A" Street - 07/06/2016

Looking northeast toward Van Buren:

"A" Street - 07/06/2016

Visit the following link to see past and future updates: dufferin closure.

** Update: I have been told that the delay was due to the discovery of an “un-mapped gas line and several boulder structures which set their timetable back by 5 months”. I have also “heard” (not directly from the County) that the estimated completion date might be closer to mid-2017, although the estimated completion date I received directly from the County is December 2016. Regardless of which estimate is more accurate, I will continue to check on the progress as we near the end of the year. **

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