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“A” Street / Fairway Drive Update: Feb-16

Update from the County:

Contract awarded.
Preconstruction meeting Monday.
Work to begin in 10 days.
Estimated completion July 2016.

** Additional Info 02/28/16 **

I have been asked if I know where Fairway Drive will connect with McAllister and Van Buren. I will try to find a better answer, but here is my best guess: (I created this image by laying a map from this 2014 County document over a map from Google Maps.)

Street A / Fairway Drive Google Maps Overlay

5 thoughts on ““A” Street / Fairway Drive Update: Feb-16

  • Thanks! Love your page!!!

  • where the blank rectangle is, will there be a connector intersection of Ave A to Harrison as well?

    • I’m not involved in this project at all so I could be wrong, but I don’t think that there will be a connection to Harrison. This particular rectangle calls out a “public road and utility easement” to the affected parcel.

  • Joan Stine

    Where will the street be located off McAllister? And, where does it exit onto VB? Do you know if it will be a right turn only location onto VB or will there be a light allowing cars to turn left? I can’t wait til July to see!

    • Thanks for the question. I uploaded an image that shows my best guess. I will try to find a better answer.


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