BMX: Identiti Rebate 1420 Forks on a Redline D26 – 20mm to 14mm Conversion

When my oldest son started racing less and playing water polo more, he asked for a dirt jump bike so he could continue riding BMX in some manner. My youngest had taken a break from BMX also, so I stopped racing and bought a dirt jumper too.

I chose the Redline D26 (2014 model). Here it is the day I picked it up at the bike shop:

2014 Redline D26 at the bike shop

After shedding some of the lime green, I took it out to the local skate park with my sons. The knobby tires made me a little nervous on the slick cement of the bowl, but it was fun to ride. Being a bit bigger than the average bear, though, I kept bottoming out the suspension forks.

At the skatepark; ditched some of the lime green

When increasing the preload of the coil spring didn’t solve the problem, I decided to ditch the suspension and go back to rigid forks.

Old suspension forks to be swapped out

The problem was finding 26″ rigid forks that would work with a 20mm axle. This is my first bike with suspension forks, and also my first bike with 20mm axles. I didn’t know how difficult it would be to find rigid forks that would work with my existing wheels.

Old 20mm axle

Fortunately, a BMX friend (who also rides mountain bikes) suggested the Identiti Rebate Jump 1420 Forks.

Identiti Rebate 1420 Forks Out of the Box

The Rebate 1420 forks have 14mm dropouts and come with an axle that slides in to a 20mm hub but converts down to 14mm at the dropouts.

A closer look at the 1420 axle

Here is the Identiti Rebate 1420 axle sliding into my existing 20mm hub.

Installing the new axle

The Rebate 1420 forks come in two lengths: 425mm and 465mm (XL). I chose the XLs, and ended up having some of the steering tube chopped down.

Time to cut the forks

The finished product.

Done; time for the track

The 1420 axle installed.

New 20mm/14mm axle

Both of my sons have moved on from BMX (dirt and jump), so I haven’t ridden much myself. In fact, I sold all of our BMX race bikes.

Racing BMX was something that I shared with my sons, so I don’t plan to get out to the track very much anymore. I do plan to go every now and then to hang out with the cool people I met along the way.

I took it out to the “One Last Lap” event at the World Famous Orange Y, and the bike felt very solid around the track.

Finished product at the track

I moved around a bit in the turns on the knobby tires, so I might buy some racing tires.
(Photo courtesy of Christel King Creative)

Riding the D26 with Rebate forks

Whether I replace the tires or not, the Redline D26 with the Identiti Rebate 1420 forks has now become my race bike. I like riding chromoly again.

No more aluminum

Anything to say about this post? Or UFOs? Or anything?