BMX Pros Trick Team at Corona Crossings

We went to the Crossings at Corona today to have lunch and ended up watching a freestyle BMX show put on by the BMX Pros Trick Team.

My sons and I enjoyed the great show these guys put on, and it made me want to dust off my vintage JMC BMX bike and go for a ride.

Here are some pictures of the BMX Pros Trick Team today at the Corona Crossings (I wish that I had brought a real camera):

Rob Nolli:

Dustin McCarty:

Gabe Weed:

Richie Lopez:

One thought on “BMX Pros Trick Team at Corona Crossings

  • Today bmx pros jarrid and dustin came to my school (Susan b coombs in banning). I think the are hot and are great guys. I loved the show so I just wanted to say awesome. They’re performance was tight.


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