Citrus Heights Drive Route

“A” Street / Citrus Heights Drive Update: Mar-17

The most recent estimated completion date of Citrus Heights Drive that I received from the County was today, March 17th. I decided to take a quick bike ride and check out the progress. It isn’t open yet.  I have been told that I should receive a new estimated completion date sometime next week. If you’re interested, here is the route […]

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Citrus Heights Drive

“A” Street / Citrus Heights Drive Update: Feb-17

Update 02/22/17: I heard back from the County, and 3/17 is the new estimated date of completion. Apparently, there were some issues that had to be worked out with the City of Riverside before the signal could be installed. Citrus Heights Drive FKA Fairway Drive FKA Street “A” isn’t open yet. If I hear back from the County, I’ll update […]

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“A” Street / Citrus Heights Drive Update: Dec-16

Update #3 – 01/05/17: I have received word from the County that the “weather has pushed back the Street “A” opening until 2/3/17.” Update #2 – 12/27/16: I have heard that the street is ready to go with the exception of the traffic signal at Van Buren. The traffic signal poles are scheduled to arrive on 1/6/17 and the street […]

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HUD Awards Almost $20 Million for Riverside and SB Homeless Programs

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Tuesday that it has awarded almost $2 billion to over 7,000 homeless assistance organizations throughout the Country. Combined, Riverside and San Bernardino organizations were awarded almost $20 million. To see the entire list, click here. The following tables show the organizations in Riverside and San Bernardino (source: HUD)   CA-608 – Riverside […]

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"A" Street / Citrus Heights Drive

“A” Street / Citrus Heights Drive Update: Nov-16

Update #1: Unofficially, I have heard that paving might begin the week after Thanksgiving. Update #2: I have heard from the County that paving is scheduled to begin on 11/28/16, with an expected opening date of 1/1/17. Update #3: Paving has begun… ——————————————— Some pictures of “A” Street / Citrus Heights Drive in the City of Riverside, California from a […]

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Yes, “bigly” is a word.

Did Donald Trump say “bigly” or “big league” in Monday’s Presidential debate? I don’t know. I thought I heard “bigly”, but others believe he said “big league”. Reportedly, one of his sons confirmed that he said “big league”. Either way, I have seen many posts on social media stating that “bigly” is not a word. Actually, it is. I am […]

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Citrus Heights Drive Construction - Aug-16

“A” Street / Citrus Heights Drive Update: Aug-16

Driving down Van Buren today, my wife noticed this: We both thought that this might be the spot where Citrus Heights Drive FKA Fairway Drive FKA Street “A” ends at Van Buren. I went back later this afternoon and walked up into the hills to check on the progress of the road. Here are some pictures: The beginning at McAllister: […]

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“A” Street / Citrus Heights Drive Update: Jul-16

It has been almost seven years since the City of Riverside closed Dufferin Avenue at McAllister Parkway. Since then, affected residents have been waiting for construction of an alternate route (“A” Street) between McAllister Parkway and Van Buren Blvd. “A” Street was supposed to be completed prior to the closure. In my last update, I shared some info from the […]

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“A” Street / Fairway Drive Update: Feb-16

Update from the County: Contract awarded. Preconstruction meeting Monday. Work to begin in 10 days. Estimated completion July 2016. ** Additional Info 02/28/16 ** I have been asked if I know where Fairway Drive will connect with McAllister and Van Buren. I will try to find a better answer, but here is my best guess: (I created this image by […]

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