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Yes, “bigly” is a word.

Did Donald Trump say “bigly” or “big league” in Monday’s Presidential debate? I don’t know. I thought I heard “bigly”, but others believe he said “big league”. Reportedly, one of his sons confirmed that he said “big league”. Either way, I have seen many posts on social media stating that “bigly” is not a word. Actually, it is. I am […]

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People Actually Voted for Indicted State Senator Leland Yee Yesterday?

Notice anything odd about the Secretary of State election results from yesterday? Check out who finished in third place with almost 10% of the statewide vote. Leland Yee.  Why should you care? Leland Yee dropped out of the race. Leland Yee was indicted earlier this year after being “charged with conspiring to traffic in firearms and public corruption”. Leland Yee’s […]

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The Vote is Finally Certified – Kevin Jeffries Wins

After weeks of counting, the Riverside Registrar of Voters posted the following on its website today: The November 6, 2012 Election Results are certified. The deadline to request a recount is Monday, December 3. The certified election results confirm that Kevin Jeffries defeated Bob Buster in the race for 1st District Supervisor of Riverside County.  Assemblymember Jeffries, who is completing […]

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