Chilitos Mexican Grill – Riverside, CA

Chilitos Mexican Grill - Riverside, CAWe have probably eaten at Chilitos Mexican Grill in Riverside more than any other restaurant.

Chilito's Mexican Grill - Menu

The food is good, the prices are reasonable, and the owners and employees always make us feel welcome.

Chilito's Mexican Grill - chips and salsa

Not only is the food good, but it is consistently good.  We have never had a bad eating experience here.

Chilito's Mexican Grill - Carne asada tacos

One of our prerequisites for good Mexican food is good carne asada, and Chilitos delivers. We skip the cilantro and onions and add some of their great salsas instead.

Chilito's Mexican Grill - salsa bar

At many restaurants, I tend to find one meal that I really like.  At Chilitos, I change up frequently because everything is so good.

Chilito's Mexican Grill - crispy tacos

Chilito's Mexican Grill - Taquitos

Chilito's Mexican Grill - Grilled Chicken Salad

Chilito's Mexican Grill - Cheese Quesadilla

Chilito's Mexican Grill - Sope

Chilito's Mexican Grill - Chicken Soft Tacos

If you want good, fresh Mexican food, you can’t go wrong with Chilitos.

Chilitos Mexican Grill
3847 Pierce St. Suite F

One thought on “Chilitos Mexican Grill – Riverside, CA

  • Ernesto H.

    Food is great and very delicious. Prices are very reasonable. It’s half way between a fast food place and a sit down restaurant. You can’t go wrong choosing this place.


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