Coming Soon: Tio’s Mexican Food – Eastvale Gateway


If I can ever go to the food court and walk past Dickey’s without going in, I look forward to trying this place.

In the meantime, I might give one of their other locations a try. I’m always on the lookout for new Mexican food restaurants.

Tio’s Mexican Food
12571 Limonite Avenue
Eastvale, CA

One thought on “Coming Soon: Tio’s Mexican Food – Eastvale Gateway

  • Deana Holtz

    I wish so much, I could find a Mexican food place, who
    doesn’t use lard! Don’t go to even Miguals, cause they
    use lard. you wouldn’t think they do this anymore, but of
    course, if not only for money, definitely that’s part of
    why they use lard, I guess?! Gosh….Too good to
    be true, as it should be. Geeeesh.
    Deana, Corona, Ca
    Some places actually don’t use lard.


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