Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Riverside And Beyond: March 16, 2020

No hype. No politics. Just information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Riverside and surrounding areas from official sources.

Summary of cases (I am trying to find official data on recoveries):

Riverside County *** updated 03/16/20 pm152
San Bernardino County10
Orange County220
Los Angeles County941
California *** updated 03/16/20 pm with most recent data from 03/15/203926
USA (49 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands) **3,53668
World **168.0196,610

** A note about the numbers… It doesn’t seem that all of these organizations report in exactly the same manner. For instance, the WHO number for USA is 1,687 (confirmed) while the CDC shows 3,487 (confirmed + presumptive). Also, the CDC reports US and US repatriates from Wuhan, China and Japan separately for a total of what I believe is 3,536 (3,487 US + 49 repatriates). If I keep this up, I’ll try to better understand and articulate the differences in reporting methods. All the sources are linked below.

*** Updated information accessed 03/16/20 after 10 pm.


Riverside County’s public health officer reported the first deaths in Riverside County this evening:

Some additional restrictions announced by Governor Newsom:

Some potentially good information from the National Institutes of Health regarding a clinical trial of an investigational vaccine:

Some reassurance from President Trump that the grocery stores will continue to be stocked and a message not to hoard food and supplies:

Sources for the table above:

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