Disneyland Price Increases – Effective May 20, 2012

Update: Disneyland Price Increases – Effective June 2, 2013
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I saw on the DisneyParks Blog today that Disneyland’s prices are going up as of May 20, 2012.

Here are some of the new prices compared to the ones currently listed on Disneyland’s website:

We love going to Disneyland, but I am not sure that I will be renewing our passes this year.

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  • Tiffay

    I feel like Disneyland has finally reached the point beyond greedy. “those who enter this land welcome” is no longer there anymore. What Walt had once said is now over taken with greed. Shame on you Disney.

  • Carlye

    @Tiffay-I completely agree! We have had our premium
    passes for years. August 21 is it for us! Sadness. I guess they truly don’t want to support the local community. :-/

  • Patricia

    What upsets me the most is that they posted the increase of the passes today 5/18/2012 and it goes into effect 5/20/2012 Not a chance to even renew your passes before the hike. It really does feel like the “greed” is taking over “The Happiest Place On Earth”!! What would Walt say???

  • Vick

    I am very sad to here this news…Yes I just renewed my daughter and I’s premium passes but come May of 2013 we will not be renewing…It is very sad cause it was something my 10 year old and I have been doing since she was 1 years old….I don’t understand how they can do this to guest who have been so loyal to them for years and years…I guess if they want to rise there prices they want the long time pass holders out of the parks to bring in new people….I remember just back in the 80’s it was only 75.00 for a pass I guess that kind of increase over the years was not enough for them…Shame on you!!! Instead of guest coming in all you are seeing is DOLLAR signs…You have taken Walt’s dream and threw it in the trash!!!!

  • Richard

    Don’t blame Disney because inflation is running wild. Blame our government that keeps printing money and making what we have worth less. If we won’t sit still for more taxes they will just make our money worth less. The result is the same.

  • Anthony

    Will the new passes have a new design. I know thats the least of the worries but if the passes are increasing I think each pass should show a difference between a premium pass hold and a Southern California Select pass holder I’m just saying make us Premium holders feel even more special.

  • grace

    What would walt say?? Thats the questions that pooped in my head. He make disney so famlies can enjoy it. What family of a low income will ever enjoy disneyland “the happiest …… For corp greedy people” they get enough money as it is food is crazy high i disneyland. How sad!! Walt dream and all his hard work has gone to the streaght to a golden buck of trash.

  • Samantha

    I have been priced out of Disneyland for many years now, and would love to go again. But at a 9% minimum increase, at $87 adult ticket, and $81 child ticket, how can a family of 2 adults afford to go? I can’t, and believe, my husband and I would love to go but can’t now. And with kids, forget it. Not when I can spend that kind of money on much needed food and clothes.

  • Lindsay

    If you are up for renewal before the end of June, you get the pricing prior to TODAY’S increase. Please sign the petition I created so that we can get Disney’s attention. Do they realize that THEIR average park employee truly couldn’t afford to buy a pass? http://www.change.org/petitions/the-walt-disney-company-change-the-annual-passholder-prices-back#

  • Sheradyn

    2012…. and my dad says long to Disney. My family has had annual passes for the past ten years. My dad now says we he says will not renewour family passes this year…on a matter on principle He says it is a matter of offsetting the “John Carter” losses and coporate greed. He says $1,500 for a family of four (not counting what Disney makes on food and hotel stays) is a breaking point. There is a point which you just have to say…. forget it…. and maybe buy that new big screen TV or a three IPADS. We are done! My sister and I say thanks-alot Disney.


  • roberto

    Really disneyland this wasnt part of walts dream read one of the book you guys sell in your stores and follow walts dream. No family with a regular job will ever enjoy walts dream. It would be clothes or disneyland. Corp people you need to hear the people who already pay high rents because disneyland in across the street. How much more 200.00 FOR KIDS! I remember when kids where free intil 5 years of age but that was change when walt passed away and disneyland stopped being family owned and it got handd over to the corp mansters. That want disney to be for the rich only. Well hope u have golden spoons for then. Walts dream are gone the words FAMILY and HAPPIEST disneyland should use.

  • Jake

    This is actually great news. They were selling so many annual passes that the place was always packed. Even on days that used to be dead the place was a zoo. With all the new additions it was going to get a lot worse. Maybe now we can go and actually be able to do few things. I’d rather pay more and be able to do more.

  • rene

    Disney has stab the low income familys in the back! GREED GREED GREED!!! I’m taking my family to Knotts. Shame on Micky!

  • Greg

    I heard the CA expansion cost $1B. If Disney wants a Return On Investment in 10 years at the current attendance level of about 40,000 people per day, it needed to raise prices by $6.85. So, I think that explains the $7 per person per day increase. I’m not happy about paying more, but after June 15th, you’ll get more park for your money.

  • Makoto

    This actually makes me really sad… I was looking forward to renewing my Annual Pass, but with a $150.00 increase, i’m not sure I will be able too. I guess we all have to pay for the John Carter flop.

  • I can’t belive this I will not be renewing our passes my family has been working for Disney for over 50 yearswe have been annual pass holders since I was a kidamnd now I bring my family but now
    I will. Not be able to afford this any more for a family of 5 and hotels food gas keep rising prices and u will lose buisness and noone can afford to see Mickey as Disney I would revaluate this

  • Dorothy Aberle

    It is a shame that they are making the price so high that the average family or the retired couples can no longer afford to go to Disneyland. They should leave pricing alone, and go back to not letting everyone bring in their own food and drinks.

  • Jilliann Cooper

    Has anyone thought about paying for their passes by using the monthly payment plan? I pay a little less than $40 each for mine and my daughter’s premium pass. Next year when I renew it, it will be about $55 each. That’s not too bad when you break it down monthly.

  • Cliff Nichols

    Now its time to say good bye!!!

  • Jamie Cornelius

    I think I am still in shock!! The prices are getting out of control. I feel for the average family that now has to pay close to $400 just to walk in the gate plus the food, gas and hotel!! Hotels in the area have raised their rates to extreme amounts as well. It would take some families years to save the money to go just for a weekend. I like many others will NOT be renewing my passes. It makes me very sad to know I will not have the ability to share this magical place with my girls. They are growing so fast and I only have a few “Disney” years left with them before they are too old!

  • Jamie Cornelius

    The monthly price still is about $220 a month for a family of 4 that is a car payment for some people. Plus hotel and food your still looking at over $1000 a trip for a weekend!! I guess we have to hope for more Southern California specials like the 2 for tickets in spring!! Still sucks for the people who don’t live in So. Cal.!!! They really need to come down off the kids prices since they are limited on rides due to restrictions!! And John Carter was a bust but they are making up for that with The Avengers since they distributed that film!!

  • Ali

    Hey Anthony…feel special paying those premium prices too! I agree it is very sad that even disnelyand is separating the rich from the poor. It breaks my heart to think not all the kids out there that will never get to experience the quote, unquote “Happiest Place on Earth.” Great job Disneyland….

  • cindi runyan

    Walt Disney would be applaued at the prices to get into his park.
    He created Disneyland for everyone, rich, poor, black, white; whatever
    Come down to reality with your prices to enter the park. The economy stinks and people need a place to escape for awhile.

  • Pippi

    “He created Disneyland for everyone, rich, poor, black, white; whatever”.

    Not so…when my Dad stood in line, excited to go to Disneyland in it’s very early years of operation, he was TURNED AWAY because…wait for it…his hair was too long.

    Sounds to me, that to some degree, the Disney company has *always* been prejudice towards those they deem “not worthy of Disney” .

    Personally, we’re done with them. Courtesy in the parks has disintegrated, Cast Members are often grouchy, lazy, or act like they are miserable in their jobs, and Disney has created a situation where uncrowded days in the parks no longer exist. We’re just not willing to shell out that much money for that kind of experience anymore.

    We’ve been long-time Disneyland goers, and just returned home from 8 days in the parks. But after this last experience, even my kids (aged 7-20), who have always LOVED Disneyland, don’t care to go back.

    It used to be a great place to be…and for the experience, the money was worth it to us. Not true anymore.

    Way to go, Disney. Your greed is unmatched. We won’t pay another cent for another Disney item, ever. Not your toys, your movies, your theme parks. None of it. Thanks for treating people who have supported you for decades this way. Now I totally understand why my Dad boycotted everything Disney for nearly 60 years!

  • jamie

    We are a family of 4 and with the price increase my monthly payment will now be 200 a month that is too much. The people who thought the increase would be a good thing will see a big drop in pass holders. I know we are not going to renew with that money I could finance a new car or even put what I spend a month now on our passes and save it to take the whole family on a cruise , and it will not be a Disney cruise not with their prices.

  • SP

    I love how they update so much crap on their facebook pages, but didn’t bother to announce the price hike! Thanks Disney 🙂

  • Dina

    I personally think they went up because of population!! Its a nut house there!! Population CONTROL!!!



  • Liv

    Whether you like it or not, Disneyland is entitled to raise the price as they see fit. These prices may keep people from returning. It may impact their bottom line, remains to be seen. I agree that the prices are prohibitive. I am a So. Ca native that grew up running around Disneyland. Unfortunately, my family and I will do a little less running around in the following year. And no, we will not go to Knott’s as it has become nothing more than gangland.

  • emanuel

    omg hell no its too much we have to paid more for that i love disney i really love it but i cant paid the tikets we have to do something about it
    84 for down and the next day the first month come on ……..help us

  • i went to the park and told them I would not be renewing my premium pass due to the increase and they told me if i renewed before July 1st I could get last years rate so I renewed there and then. And they still honored my july 4th renewal date.

  • lsings

    Went last week and waited 13 hours for my fastpass to be valid for cars land. When it was finally my turn, the ride broke down. At lower prices I am understanding of lines and malfunctions, but with a 30% fee hike, Disneyland had better be ready to run a perfect, fully functioning park. Too bad.
    Sad times. Guess the mouse is just hiding greedy, grubby slobs behind the false facade of his tired, besmirched ears.

  • dean

    I cant even count how many times I and my family have been to wdw. Literally 100’s. What would walt do with the dirction there taking his park—He would shut it down–or better yet it would never have gone to this. food prices are a sin….There is being over priced then there is plainly ripping you off..even the cashiers laugh when they tell me the total-no lie…we need to do something but what… walt built it for families to spend time with there children and those fat cats are using it to rip us off. what does the ceo make..i will tell you about $250 million per yr. And a yr comes around fast.

  • just a joke

    I was looking forward to visiting wdw after reading this wow it does not seem worth it.



  • anna

    Disneyland is not the “happiest place on earth no longer for our family.” DISNEY IS SO GREEDY, INSTEAD OF MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR EVERY CHILD TO GO. My family and i have had annual passes for 4 years now a family of four. They keep increasing the prices. We are not re-newing again with Disneyland the place is so packed and miserable along with the price hike it is crazy. We bought annual passes for universal studies and sea world for a family of four and still cheaper than the cheapest annual passes at Disneyland, which we paid. Like my husband says” Sea World is the happiest place on earth, not Disneyland anymore. They need to come up with some type of action that meets the needs of their faithful customers.

  • eve

    Oh well Disney raises its prices. Maybe its a good thing…now I can actually do what I want to do and get to see things without the crowds…Disney will live forever it will not go bankrupt!

  • Karl

    Since we are at the Badlands site lets start there. I don’t know the number of employees on staff but DL/DCA carries around 25 thousand people. Numberous Unions make demands and labor costs go up. DL/DCA is open 365 days a year. During Grad time in May/June sometimes they are open around the clock. Inflation is also a big factor. Also even by raising prices and cutting back on season tix the number of people coming increases by 5 to 7% per year. The Pacific Rim folks mainly Australia, Japan and Canada fill the parks year round. Keep in mind this is a private enterprise. NO ONE in this comment group is forced to go or to buy tix at any time EVER. If you don’t like what they do withhold your attendence and see if it has an impact. DL/DCA is a one of a kind place in the world. While BBQ restaurants come and go DL is coming up on the 60th anniversary and more popular than ever. They have spawned 10 other theme parks and the WDW resort is Florida (you can look this up) is the largest single site employer in the world. That means it is the spot where the most employees of a company work in one place at one time is there in Florida. Everywhere I shop prices are going up. Don’t be surprised when DL/DCA goes along with the crowd. Been to a movie for 2 hours of entertainment lately. It aint cheap.

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