Dufferin Emergency Access Gates – Part 2

The gates that were supposed to be installed as a condition of the Dufferin Avenue closure at Stewart street are finally installed… over 7 months later.  We seem to still be waiting for the “electronically controlled” part of the “electronically controlled gates” that will allow access to emergency vehicles.
Is it “mid-December 2009” yet?

This project will construct permanent improvements, including a street knuckle at the Dufferin Avenue/Stewart Street intersection and a 15-foot wide multi-use asphalt trail connecting Stewart Street with McAlister Parkway.  The trail will be gated at each end; however, still allowing for the free flow of pedestrian and bicycle traffic.  Fire and ambulance units will be able to access the trail by activating electronically controlled gates at each end of the trail using the same transmitter used to preempt the City’s traffic signals.  Construction of the improvements is anticipated to be complete by mid-December 2009. City Council Memo dated 09/22/09, emphasis added

2 thoughts on “Dufferin Emergency Access Gates – Part 2

  • SierraHeightsGuy

    I make it a point to crack the throtte on my unmuffled harley hog each time I drive by this intersection and again when I come around on stewart onto duffering. Just my little salute to the whiny homeowners there who caused those whole mess.

  • CountyResident

    I have a “manually-operated” gate opening tool in my garage that I’m sorely tempted to utilize to open the gates on a regular basis. Sometimes I hear other people refer to it as a “bolt cutter”


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