Dufferin to Close; Council Votes Unanimously

Update 07/16/09:

I just got back from the public hearing regarding the Dufferin closure. The room was packed – standing room only packed.

Many residents from the City and the County spoke at the hearing, with County residents opposed to the closure being the majority.

In the end, the Riverside City Council voted unanimously to move forward with the closure.

In my previous post, I wrote about the areas of Victoria Grove, The Orchard, etc. being in the City’s Sphere of Influence.  Being in the Sphere apparently means nothing.  Council Member Chris Mac Arthur made that clear by saying to us County residents very bluntly: “We don’t represent you”.

We never had a chance.  The Council members seem to have had their minds made up prior to hearing from anyone at today’s hearing.

How else would City crews be at the corner of Stewart and Dufferin within about an hour of the City Council’s vote?  Are they that efficient?  Maybe, but that’s not the reason.

As I was driving home (on Dufferin) from the hearing I saw one of the crews putting up a closure sign.  I stopped and asked them how they were moving forward so quickly.  One of the guys said “we were just waiting on the word”.

I’m done for the day.  Time to take my family out to dinner…

In Corona.

11 thoughts on “Dufferin to Close; Council Votes Unanimously

  • I would have attended the meeting but on my mailbox a note said July 19 at 1:00.
    This closure is stupid and alot of businesses will be hurting from this closure…stores, malls, restaurants, etc. These businesses should be complaining also!!!!!!


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