Dufferin to Close; Council Votes Unanimously

Update 07/16/09: http://www.riversideandbeyond.com/dufferin-is-closed-at-mcallister-what-now/

I just got back from the public hearing regarding the Dufferin closure. The room was packed – standing room only packed.

Many residents from the City and the County spoke at the hearing, with County residents opposed to the closure being the majority.

In the end, the Riverside City Council voted unanimously to move forward with the closure.

In my previous post, I wrote about the areas of Victoria Grove, The Orchard, etc. being in the City’s Sphere of Influence.  Being in the Sphere apparently means nothing.  Council Member Chris Mac Arthur made that clear by saying to us County residents very bluntly: “We don’t represent you”.

We never had a chance.  The Council members seem to have had their minds made up prior to hearing from anyone at today’s hearing.

How else would City crews be at the corner of Stewart and Dufferin within about an hour of the City Council’s vote?  Are they that efficient?  Maybe, but that’s not the reason.

As I was driving home (on Dufferin) from the hearing I saw one of the crews putting up a closure sign.  I stopped and asked them how they were moving forward so quickly.  One of the guys said “we were just waiting on the word”.

I’m done for the day.  Time to take my family out to dinner…

In Corona.


  • Michael Savenko

    I have just completed my relocation from Corona to Riverside (and ultimately the East Coast) and have worked in construction for the better part of (10) years.
    We moved to Sierra Bella community any having begun to gget the feel for the area we share the local residents concern over Dufferin Closure.
    Admittedly being a late arrival to the area what we don’t quite understand is WHY it is within the mandate of city planning to close this street?
    Has the new development of homes along Mcallister so increased traffic along Dufferin that residents along the Dufferin corridor petitioned for it being cut off from the LaSierra business district?
    Your clarification as to the nature or root cause for this traffic change is greatly appreciated as we were not able to gather that from this web site
    Michael Savenko
    New concerned citizen to the area

  • Dave Davis

    I think everyone needs to generate more “noisy” traffic here than ever thought possible. For me, I will only change my route to Van Buren by using Victoria but only to Stewart. I will come back up Stewart to Dufferin. Right on Dufferin and a U-Turn at the baracade. If I see an animal I will surly honk my horn to be sure it doesn’t run out in front of me. I will use this route even if I don’t have to, just to put more traffic on Dufferin. Everyone should all make it their mission to generate even more traffic on Dufferin than there ever was before, even if we don’t have to. It’s a few cents more in gas and time but the statement we would make if EVERYONE did this would be HUGE.

  • Robert

    I think we should all still take the road and where dufferin ends in the green belt make sure to blast the horn when leaving!! I don’t know where Chris Mac Arther lives but I hope he hears it!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for your hard work. I live in the neighborhood, too, and am disgusted. What a complete joke! I use Dufferin every single day and it has been wonderful. I can’t believe that I live in a city that just takes it away without listening to its tax paying residents!

  • Cityofriversidedoesn'tcareaboutsafety

    What a waste of my time. I spent 3 hours at the meeting with my daughter crying from just having her braces put on a couple of hours before. I told her that daddy had to speak on behalf of everyone being affected by this. I had my wife run to the house to get her pain medication. She had told me that the city employees were just sitting there waiting to close the street. Wow is that how our tax dollars are being spent? Why would the city waste our time? Well if the greenbelt is so special maybe we should have a harley run through it so we all can enjoy it?

  • Ray Gomez

    As new residents of Sierra Heights, my wife and I are very concerned about the Dufferin closure that was rammed down our throats. Here’s what we plan to do about it:
    1)Write letters to the editor of the local papers and contact as many media as we can to discuss the unfairness of this action.
    2)Post our thoughts and comments on sheets of paper on the barricades that currently block Dufferin from McAllister.
    3)Boycott businesses in the City of Riverside and do our buying outside of the city limits.

    This may not accomplish much, but at least we will be taking some sort of action to show our displeasure. If other county residents in the area did similar things, who knows what impact it may have?

  • Lifetime Resident

    I’ve traveled down Mc Allister for 42 years. I started taking pictures of the route I’ve taken all my life, before all the orange groves started dying. I’ve always thought of Riverside being a good place to be. I’m not so sure that I still feel that way. First, they did not support the orange farmers and had the audacity to create an Orange Blossom Festival (which is no longer, and should have never been). Then the closure at Mc Allister. Now Dufferin. Where is the logic??
    Thank you for all your efforts to fight this. We’re all sorry it didn’t work.

  • David Brooks

    I, too, attended the meeting yesterday, and am severely dissapointed. Imagine my surprise that the road was ALREADY BEING CLOSED by the time I returned from the meeting. This obviously means that the conclusion was essentially forgone, and not only were we patronized by the council – they willingly wasted our time with no intent to consider our valid concerns.

    I can’t decide if we should just accept this turn of events, or if we should explore additional routes of recourse.

    I would love to speak directly (via email – djbrooks AT inlandsoftware DOT com) with anybody who might like to discuss our options at this point (which are, admittedly, limited). I have a couple of ideas that would likely be dead-ends, but may be worth exploring?

  • Jennifer

    Call this number and complain (951) 826-5366. The City of Riverside gave it to me and it is a direct line. By the way, I was told by the city that there was too much traffic on Dufferin and that the city has decided (with wonderful forsight 5 years after whole neighborhoods have been nuilt) to “move traffic to better streets.” I feel indignant! I will help the cause to get our access to Dufferin back again.

  • DD

    Dear Michael Savenko (comment #1) – The County and land developers agreed to provide McAllister Parkway as a thoroughfare to La Sierra, the 91, and west Riverside for the new houses being built at the City / County line. Dufferin Ave. was supposed to be closed to this high-density traffic six years ago, but the City agreed to leave Dufferin open until the La Sierra project was completed. I think it’s clear that the McAllister Parkway / Dufferin Ave. “knuckle” was not a permanent intersection. There is another route (“A”) that is supposed to be built from McAllister to Van Buren, but the County and developers have halted plans due to the housing construction stoppage in that area.

    In a couple years, when McAllister Pkwy is permanently sealed from Dufferin, it will be like the connection never existed. Such is change…

  • Shirley

    I would have attended the meeting but on my mailbox a note said July 19 at 1:00.
    This closure is stupid and alot of businesses will be hurting from this closure…stores, malls, restaurants, etc. These businesses should be complaining also!!!!!!

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