End of Line for Flynn’s Arcade in California Adventure

I bet that most people don’t care too much about this, but Flynn’s Arcade in Disney California Adventure is closed. Flynn’s Arcade was part of elecTRONica, which ended last weekend.

Flynn’s reminded me of the arcades that I loved as a kid.  No prepaid game cards, no stuffed animals, just good old coin-fed video games including my childhood favorites, Donkey Kong and Galaga.

Even though Flynn’s only had games that would have been found in a 1982 arcade, my kids still enjoyed playing the classic games.

I won’t miss elecTRONica, but I will miss Flynn’s. Maybe Disneyland will update Flynn’s to fit the new Mad T Party concept.

3 thoughts on “End of Line for Flynn’s Arcade in California Adventure

  • Eddie Miller

    I agree, they should make Flynn’s a permanent attraction. Everybody who was there for the last night of ElecTronica was very disappointed that Flynn’s will be gone.

    • Maybe Disney will surprise us by resurrecting Flynn’s in some manner in one of the parks. We don’t go to Disneyland to play video games, but Flynn’s was a fun diversion especially while California Adventure is under construction.


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