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March Field Air Show: March 28 – March 29, 2020 – Moreno Valley, CA

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Event Name:March Air Show
When:March 28 - March 29, 2020
Where:March Air Reserve Base
Address:2145 Graeber St., Moreno Valley, CA
Event Info:March Air Show - Air & Space Expo 2020

"General admission to the air show is FREE and open to the public.
Upgraded Options Will Be Available"
Folding Chairs Umbrellas (handheld) Wagons Strollers Snacks Water bottles (plastic, factory sealed, open once inside airshow) Back Packs (small, unlocked, subject to inspection at any time) Hydrations Backpacks/Camel Backs (empty upon entering, fill at the airshow) Service Dogs Smoking (designated areas only, cigars, cigarettes, vapes)

Firearms (regardless of credential or CCW) Ammunition/Explosives Mace or pepper spray Knives (any sort or blade size) Weapons (brass knuckles, blackjacks/flapjacks etc.) Batons, collapsible batons Drones (of any sort, regardless of FAA permit) Lasers, Laser pointers Drugs/drug paraphernalia (of any kind, to include all marijuana types) Marijuana vape concentrate (wax/strips/patches/dabs/vials) Alcoholic Beverages Glass bottles, thermos, cans Shelters/tents (Easy-ups, pop-up, quick shelters) Coolers (of any type/kind) Radio Equipment (scanners, transmitters) Roller skates, skateboards, hoverboards, Segways Bicycles, Scooters Pets or Animals"
Event Type:Air Show
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  • We are not affiliated with this event, so I am sorry that I can’t answer your questions directly. Please visit the event’s website (shown above) at http://marchairshow.com and click on the “General Information” menu item for contact information.


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