Southern California Fair – 2019: Oct 5 – Oct 13, 2019 – Perris, CA

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Event Name:Southern California Fair
When:Oct 5 - Oct 13, 2019
Where:Lake Perris Fairgrounds
Address:18700 Lake Perris Dr, Perris, CA
Event Info:"This year's theme is "Go Hog Wild." That means we have more fun and great entertainment lined up for you at this year's Southern California Fair held at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds. Keep checking the website and Facebook page for events happening all year here at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds and Event Center. Your #1 place for fun and entertainment."
Other:"The 106th Southern California Fair
on the SoCal Fair and Event Center
will run from October 5, 2019, through October 13, 2019."
Event Type:Fair
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