Famous Dave’s, Long Beach


I drove out to Long Beach last weekend to pick up my packet for the Long Beach Triathlon. To thank my youngest son for being my carpool buddy, I took him to his favorite barbecue place… Famous Dave’s.

Famous Dave’s used to be my favorite place for barbecue too, until the bad visits to our local Famous Dave’s locations started to eclipse the good ones.

This was our first visit to Famous Dave’s Long Beach, and it was GREAT.




Unlike our local Famous Dave’s in Riverside, Long Beach still has the checkered tablecloths and all of the sauces on the table.


My son was pleased that he could order chips with his Devil’s Spit burger. For some reason, chips are no longer available at our local Famous Dave’s.


Most importantly to me, the brisket was awesome. Not only could I break it apart with my fork, it was so tender that it actually fell apart. This is the brisket that made Famous Dave’s my favorite BBQ place.


Thank you Famous Dave’s Long Beach for a great visit.

Famous Dave’s – Long Beach
300 S. Pine Dr.
The Pike at Rainbow Harbor
Long Beach, CA

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