Famous Dave’s – Rancho Cucamonga

Feast! Feast! Feast! If you don’t recognize this chant then you probably haven’t been to Famous Dave’s.

2. The Bear

This is our favorite barbecue place, and yes, we like it better than that place that shares the same name as B.B. King’s guitar. What is so good about this place?  Pretty much everything.

4. Inside Famous Dave's

My personal favorite is the hickory-smoked wonder known as the Texas Beef Brisket. Until I found Famous Dave’s, the only beef brisket I’ve found in our area has resembled leather covered with barbecue sauce.  This brisket is so tender that you can separate it with a fork.

Famous Dave's - Texas Beef Brisket

Famous Dave’s has won a bunch of awards for its ribs and just about everything else.  I definitely agree that they serve the best ribs.  We order them naked, meaning that they are served without barbecue sauce. The ribs are great with just the dry rub, but we also like to have the option of trying Dave’s other sauces.

Famous Dave's - Ribs

Your server will give you a rundown of Dave’s five different sauces before your meal. My favorite is the “Devil’s Spit”, which as you can imagine is spicier than the other sauces.

Famous Dave's - Devil's Spit

We have also tried the Georgia Chopped Pork and Hot Link Sausage.  The chopped pork is my oldest son’s favorite, and it is as good as any I have ever tried.  Barbecue meals are served with cornbread muffins and corn on the cob, along with your choice of sides.  Our favorite sides are the Drunkin’ Apples and the Wilbur Beans, which include pieces of pork, brisket and hot links.

8. Famous Dave's - Georgia Chopped Pork and Hot Link

Famous Dave’s also serves chicken, fish, sandwiches, soups and salads.  Although we normally stick with the barbecue selections, I always like to start out with a Caesar Salad.

9. Famous Dave's - Caesar Salad

If you like barbecue, then you’ll like this place.  If you don’t like this place, then you probably don’t like barbecue.

1. Famous Dave's Street Sign

Famous Dave’s
11470 4th Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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