Opening Day at Bubba Jack’s – Corona Crossings

Update 03/06/14: Bubba Jack’s is closed. The signs are down and we saw this posted on the door:


Bubba Jack’s Hill Country Roadhouse in the Crossings at Corona officially opened for business yesterday.  Bubba Jack’s is in the location previously occupied by On The Border.

We tried it out yesterday.  Although they were still working on the signs outside, the servers and the food were ready inside.

I usually don’t write about a restaurant unless I’ve visited it at least a few times, so I won’t elaborate too much other than to say that Bubba Jack’s earned a second visit.  Our server was great, and everyone seemed very friendly.  I had no idea what was on the menu when we walked in, but I was pleased to find some tri-tip.  My wife got a Chicken Tender Salad.

In addition to tri-tip and salad, Bubba Jack’s serves sandwiches, pizza, wings, ribs, chicken, fish, chili and probably a bunch of other dishes that I forgot to mention. I think I’ll try the Rib-Eye steak next time.

It’s worth a try.

Bubba Jack’s Hill Country Roadhouse
3550 Grand Oaks
Corona, CA 92881
(951) 272-4667

27 thoughts on “Opening Day at Bubba Jack’s – Corona Crossings

  • chrisssy k

    My hubby and I decided not to wait for italian at the macaroni grill, and try the newest sit down restaurant at the Corona Crossings. We were able to walk in and be seated on a Friday night at 830. The restaurant and bar were moderately full. Our waiter was pleasant and took our drink order promptly. The bar drink,which was a house specialty,tasted like cough syrup,so we sent it back. We ordered the appetizer platter which came with deep fried deviled eggs(tasted lik shrimp from being cooked in dipped in used oil),wings(surprisingly good),and deep fried shrimp(hmm I can assume thats why eggs taste-f ishy). Needless to say we dipped the shrimp into the cocktail sauce. It was so overwhelmingly salty that I assumed it was the batter(how do you mess up cocktail sauce???) I tried the shrimp without it….mediocre. This is not to mention the fact that our neighbors got the appetizer they ordered well before ours and they were seated later. We ordered tri tip and chicken with a baked potatoe and french fries.It came as no surprise that 2tables had recieved their food before we did(both if which were seated and ordered after us). We had the biscuits that are part of our entree delivered to us to attempt to satisfy our extended wait. After nearly an hour our dinner arrived. The chicken was maybe 3oz having been slivered into half of what it should be. There was 4 miniscule pieces of tri tip(prepared correctly-buthad no flavor)old french fries,and a baked potatoe that had little topping(and no appeal). We did speak to the manager and he comped a portion of our bill.I can honestly say that I will never eat there again. HORRIBLE!!!.

  • Good Grief, after reading all these comments, I have to give it a try myself. I love a little adventure, good or bad. Passed by on my way to BJ’s…..but after eating there I was to full to go into Bubba’s. Next Time !


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