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Pumpkin Rock in Norco: Big & Orange, but Easy to Miss if You Don’t Know Where to Look

While waiting for my sons to start their next game on Saturday, I took a short drive around Norco, California to kill some time. I ended up taking a quick hike up to Pumpkin Rock.

Pumpkin Rock - Norco

According to Norco Parks and Rec meeting minutes, the rock has been painted as “a pumpkin for over 20 years with some slight variations”.

Pumpkin Rock - Norco

There was also some discussion in 2015 about the possibility of allowing the rock to be painted with different themes a few times each year. After further discussion by the Pumpkin Rock Sub-Committee, it seems that the rock will remain as a pumpkin:

Environmental documents state that the only thing allowed in the area of easement other than hiking is horses. When speaking with the Planning Director, it was stated that even painting a pumpkin is wrong to begin with; is should be natural. But because it has been painted for so long, we have accepted it. He strongly recommends we do not do anything to change that.

Pumpkin Rock - Norco

I didn’t set out to find Pumpkin Rock, so I was dressed for an afternoon of watching water polo. For the record, I don’t advise going on hikes (even small ones) in flip flops.

Hiking Boots

The route I took has two steep hills that have patches of very loose dirt. Although I made it up alright, I was slipping and sliding on the way down.

View from Pumpkin Rock - Norco

I think the Pumpkin was laughing at my poor choice in footwear.

Pumpkin Rock - Norco

I found the rock by driving around until I found a trail on Crestview Drive. I later realized that someone had tagged Pumpkin Rock on Google Maps.

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