Gol Brazilian Restaurant – Riverside

If you have read any of my other reviews, it should be pretty clear that I am a meat lover. In my search for local places that grill meat, I came across Gol Brazilian Restaurant in Riverside, CA.

Gol Brazilian Restaurant - Riverside, CA

Gol Brazilian Restaurant is pretty new (I think it opened earlier this year) and is tucked away in a strip mall on Magnolia near Tyler. You can’t tell much about the place from the outside, but once you walk in, you will find that it is new, clean and inviting.

We have been here twice so far, and both times we were greeted and seated immediately.


Although this is a buffet restaurant, you can’t compare it to normal buffet restaurants.


Yes, they have buffet tables (very clean and neat) stocked with salads, vegetables and prepared dishes.


But, once you get to the meat station, you will realize why this is not your traditional buffet. They take meat off the grill, slice it in front of you and place it on your plate. For a meat lover like me, this is awesome.

(This blurry picture does not do the meat justice, but I just had to show the meat-slicing process.)


This isn’t like other buffets where the meat is sitting on the buffet table or under a heat lamp. This meat is hot off the grill.


Gol Brazilian Restaurant serves five meats:

  • Picanha (Top Sirloin) – Awesome
  • Frango (Chicken) – Very good
  • Coracao (Chicken Heart) – I haven’t tried this yet because it wasn’t ready either time I was there
  • Maminha (Tri-Tip) – My favorite
  • Lombinho com Bacon (Pork wrapped in bacon) – Pork bites wrapped in bacon… need I say more?


You can pay for your food by the pound, or pay a flat price for the all-you-can-eat option.

I like this place and will be back.


Gol Brazilian Restaurant
10436 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, CA 92505

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  • Quenedi machado

    boa noite, parabens pelo restaurante muito bonito e aconchegante,quando formos pra usa, vamos dar uma passada por aí.


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