Hickory Joe’s Smokehouse BBQ – Norco

I like trying out restaurants that aren’t part of a large chain. Even if they don’t turn out to be good, I enjoy the experience of trying something new. Of course, I enjoy it even more if the food is good.

One place I am glad that I found is Hickory Joe’s Smokehouse BBQ in Norco.

Hickory Joe’s seems to be a single location business since there are no other locations listed on its website, but the contact information on its website is shared by a small chain of Italian restaurants. Small business or not, I like this place.

Why do I like this place? The tri-tip and the smoked sausage. Check out the smoke ring on this juicy tri-tip. The smoked sausage has just a little bit of spice and is already sliced when it is served.

Hickory Joe’s also has good sandwiches. My favorite is the Tri-Tip Deli Dip, which is essentially a beef dip sandwich made with the smoked tri-tip. I also like the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich.

What else does Hickory Joe’s serve? Ribs, chicken, burgers, salads and a bunch of sides. I have only tried the ribs once, but my youngest son likes to order them. My wife and oldest son enjoy the BBQ Chicken.  My daughter… well, she doesn’t like barbecue at all.

Hickory Joe’s Smokehouse BBQ
120 Hidden Valley Pkwy.
Norco, CA
(951) 273-7427

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