Frequently Asked Questions – Employers

Since I haven’t received any questions yet, this page should probably be called “Anticipated Questions”. Either way, let me know if you have additional questions.

Can people apply for jobs through your website so that I don’t have to enter a link / email / phone number?
Not at this time. I want to keep this job directory inexpensive and accessible to employers of all sizes, so I don’t want to charge the fees necessary to hire real programmers. My goal is to help local residents find local jobs, not build another giant job website.
If I already have a job listing on a big site like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed or ZipRecruiter, why should I post my job on your site?
I have a narrow focus, which translates into personal attention. I want to match local residents with local jobs. A few more reasons:

  • The majority of this site’s users are from Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.
  • Job listings are currently free for jobs physically located in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. FREE!
  • Job listings are ridiculously inexpensive for jobs in OC, LA and SD.
  • Jobs outside of Southern California aren’t allowed on this site.
I want to post a bunch of jobs. Can I send you an email / list / spreadsheet instead of entering each job individually?
Absolutely, but not for free job listings. I will charge the current rate for job listings outside of the Inland Empire, which is currently $20 for 20 days.
Why should I trust your website?
I live in Riverside and have operated this website since 2009. If you place a “paid” job listing, you will pay through PayPal, which means I will never see your credit card number.