Josie’s Tacos – Riverside, CA

My first post of the New Year is about one of my favorite places to get tacos… Josie’s Tacos in Riverside.

Josie's Tacos - Riverside

Josie’s Tacos resides in its own little building on Magnolia. Although the building has seen better days, Josie’s Tacos still gets an “A” grade.

Josie's Tacos - A Rating

The interior is also kind of old, but who cares what it looks like if the food is good, right?

Josie's Tacos - Inside

Although you order at the counter, they bring the food to you. I opt for the hot salsa with my chips.

Josie's Tacos - Chips and Salsa

There are many choices on the menu, but with tacos in the name of the restaurant, I always choose tacos. My favorite tacos are the crispy al pastor tacos with lettuce and cheese. These tacos make my favorites list in two categories: Best crunchy tacos and best al pastor.

What is al pastor? Pork… marinated, delicious pork.

Josie's Tacos - Tacos Al Pastor

The bad news is that Josie’s is currently for sale. I have tried to nail down how long it will remain open, but I have only heard that it could be a few weeks to possibly a few months.

For Sale

The good news is that the same owners own Templo Del Sol on University in Riverside. I have been told that any items on Josie’s menu that aren’t on Templo Del Sol’s menu will be added. That is good news because Templo Del Sol doesn’t serve my tacos al pastor (I checked).

Josie's Tacos and Templo Del Sol

Stay tuned for my post about Templo Del Sol.

Josie’s Tacos
9782 Magnolia

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