March Field AirFest 2012 – Thunder Over the Empire

Patriots Jets Team flying by the Moreno Valley M on Box Mountain.

I took two of my kids to the March Air Reserve Base last Sunday for day two of the March Field AirFest 2012 – Thunder Over the Empire. This was our first air show, and it was amazing. It was also FREE.

We were very impressed with the way we were treated by the service members and volunteers during our visit. Parking was no problem and the security station at the entrance to the show was very easy to navigate (I think the TSA could learn some lessons from the March security personnel).

The performances were spectacular. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can fit all of the pictures my daughter and I took without making this page impossible to load. Here are some of our amateur pictures (click for larger images):

The Patriots Jet Team – flying the L-39 Albatros

Patriots Jet Team performing at the 2012 March AirFest at the March Air Reserve Base.

United States Air Force Thunderbirds – flying the F-16

F-18 Hornet and AV-8 Harrier

C-17 and DC-10 Water Tanker 910

Tanker 910 dropping water during the 2012 March AirFest at March Air Field.

Jet Car and Robosaurus

In addition to all of the performances, there were many planes on display including this HUGE C-5.

C-5 Galaxy at March Air Field.

I am not an aircraft expert so please let me know if I mislabeled any of the pictures.

A few years ago, my wife surprised me with a flying lesson out of Corona Municipal Airport (I have a very cool wife). Piloting the plane over Lake Mathews was amazing, and I can only imagine how awesome it must be to fly like all of these incredible pilots. As soon as I can afford the time and expense of lessons, I am going back to flight school.

My 17-year-old daughter might take it a step further. She is actively looking into what it takes to become a military pilot. It was a very inspirational day.

Thank you to the service members, volunteers and performers who put on such a great show! We will be back next time.

Anything to say about this post? Or UFOs? Or anything?