Nemesis, Home Wrecker and Whoa! Watermelon

Food Trucks at Now and Then

I have completely ignored the gourmet food truck craze. Why wait in long lines to eat food from a truck? Are they really better than the roach coaches I used to see at the courthouse every time I had to attend traffic school?

Recently, I stumbled across The Viking Truck on Twitter, and decided to give it a try. Why this truck? Because I happen to be a Viking (OK, I’m not a Viking, but my Scandinavian ancestors might have been).

I found out that this truck was going to be at the Now and Then store (owned by Brandi and Jarrod from the “reality show” Storage Wars) in Orange last Saturday, so I packed up my boys and headed out.

This is the first time we have ever been to a food truck gathering, so we decided to try something from each of the four trucks that were there.

We started off with The Viking Truck, since this is the truck that lured us out to Orange. We each ordered our own smoked bratwurst corn dog, known as the Nemesis. They are huge… and good. One of these could be a meal on its own. We should have bought one and shared. Lesson learned.

Viking Food TruckThe Viking Truck's MenuThe Nemesis * 3

Up next was the Sexy Burger truck. We shared the Home Wrecker, which is a burger with American and Swiss cheeses, bacon, BBQ, ranch and potato chips. It was awesome. They even cut the burger into three sections for us, which was very cool.

Sexy Burger TruckSexy Burger menuThe Homewrecker

By this time we were starting to get full, so we got something even smaller from the Chomp Chomp Truck. This truck offers “Singapore! Street Hawker Favorites with American Twist”. They were out of the Satay Kobe beef skewers, so we ended up getting the prawn skewers instead. Pretty good.

Chomp Chomp TruckChomp Chomp menuPrawn Skewer

The last truck was the Dos Chinos truck which offers “A Perfect Marriage of Latin and Asian Flavors”. Although we wanted to try this truck, we were just too full. Maybe next time.

We did, however, save room for a popsicle from the Front Porch Pops cart. We each got a Whoa! Watermelon popsicle, which tasted like we were eating a frozen slice of watermelon. These were easily the best popsicles any of us have ever eaten.

We also stopped in to Brandi and Jarrod’s shop to check it out.

Dos Chinos TruckNow and Then storeWhoa! Watermelon pop from Front Porch Pops

If you would like to attend a Now and Then food truck gathering, check out Now and Then’s website or Facebook page for details. I’m not sure that we’ll go again, but it made for a fun trip with my boys.

And yes, the food from these trucks is way better than the food I used to get at the old school roach coaches.

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