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New Parking Restrictions Near Mt. Rubidoux

We enjoy visiting Mt. Rubidoux and hiking its many trails. We haven’t had any problems finding parking, but that might change due to a recent decision by the Riverside City Council to add new parking restrictions.

From the City Council and Redevelopment Agency Regular and Special Meeting Minutes for 5/10/11:

Following discussion, the City Council (1) adopted a resolution to establish a “No Parking Any Time, except for residents with permits” Zone […]

Where are the preferential parking zones?

From Resolution No. 22213 (click for larger image):

From a Public Works Department memo dated 5/10/2011 (click for a larger image):

Why did the City take this action?

From Resolution No. 22213:

WHEREAS, the staff received a petition from seventy-eight (78%) of residents on designated portions of University Avenue, Ninth Street, Tenth Street, Eleventh Street, Redwood Drive, Glenwood Drive, Mt. Rubidoux Drive and Loring Drive, requesting establishment of preferential parking zones; […]

Happy Hiking!… if you can find a place to park.

7 thoughts on “New Parking Restrictions Near Mt. Rubidoux

  • It has been very difficult to come to the mountain to run. While I understand the need for parking outside of your own home, there doesn’t seem to be a clear alternative. I have thought of parking at the park but don’t know if my car is safe…The signs posted are a little confusing to me. I go once a month now and pray that I parked on the correct side of the street. Attention Riverside Residents, us out of towners spend money in your city before we go home.

  • Brittany

    i understand the people didnt like it but what about ppl who dont live near it what are we sopose to do? its a public area and the public cant even go to it anymore unless you live by it. hello ppl thats what your drive ways are for why dont you just park in them. i mean its not like we was blocking your drive ways. thanks for ruining everything for us!


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