Old School Arcade Games at Starcade in Disneyland

My High Score on Galaga at the StarcadeWhen Flynn’s Arcade in Disney California Adventure closed, I wondered where the classic arcade games would go. They seem to have ended up on the first floor of the Starcade in Disneyland by Space Mountain. I don’t know if they are the exact same games that were at Flynn’s or how long they will stay, but I was pleasantly surprised to find them on our trip to Disneyland on Easter.

Yes, I gave in and got passes again.

It seems silly to play video games at Disneyland, but we did it anyway. It’s not often that we get to play classics such as Galaga, Scramble, Space Invaders, Tron, Pac-Man and Asteroids. I even showed my kids how we did it in the old days by getting the high score on Galaga.

Unlike Flynn’s Arcade, Starcade is open during the day, but there aren’t any special tokens like there were at Flynn’s.

In addition to the classic games, there are also a few Fix-It Felix Jr. games from the movie Wreck-It Ralph.

RoadBlasters, Super Cobra, Scramble and Tron at the Starcade in DisneylandR-Type and Donkey Kong Junior at the Starcade in Disneyland

Pinball, Missile Command, Asteroids and Battlezone at the Starcade in DisneylandFix It Felix Jr at the Starcade in Disneyland

More classic arcade games at the Starcade in Disneyland - Centipede, DigDug, JoustNo special tokens at the Starcade in Disneyland like there were at Flynn's

Galaxian, Space Invaders and Stargate at the Starcade in DisneylandZaxxon, Pac-Man and Qix at the Starcade in Disneyland

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