Orange Church of God Sign

Have you seen this picture of the repugnant sign at the Orange Church of God?

Orange Church of God Sign

Could this church be in our neighboring Orange County?

Nope. It’s a fake.

This picture is from a website that allows you to create fake church signs (and many other types of fake images)…

The website also includes this disclaimer:

Note: these church signs aren’t real, they don’t exist in the real world. You’ll be making a fake photo of a church sign.


  • Thanks for the fact check. Like many others, I spread this around on Facebook a few weeks ago. Like you, I also couldn’t locate this church. Never thought to look for a “church sign generator”. Strokes of genius!

  • Thanks a lot for confirming. I wonder what would be their reasons why they made these fake signs. Great posting!

  • Matthew David Thomas

    Wasn’t Jesus an activist, an occupier, and an artist?

  • Drew A

    @Matthew David Thomas…did you read the page? It’s not real…

  • josh

    all these ppl who think they are goin to gods kingdom are not ! fake judgemental

  • Oliver Trizarri

    Wow, a lot of people must really god… Though I really don’t blame them. I myself worship god and the loving power of Christ. Emphasis on love. Many of those who “claim” that they “believe” or “worship” or say that they are “Christian” or any other sect. Treat people with much malice, hate, and bigotry. All because they refuse to believe in what we believe. It’s not as simple as just “telling people how it is.” or “I’only telling you the truth.” Because your intentions speak another term. Even if you say that “your just as bad a sinner as anyone else.” That doesn’t mean that’s what your truly believing. Many Christians today unfortunely only become Christians to appear more benevolent than another. They do not care about god, but themselves. They treat everyone with disregard, unfairness and inferiority, the minute they have an opinion on said Christian belief. God eve says their is a time and a place for everything. Just because you “feel” the need to say or do something for another “for the sake of god.” does not mean it is the required time. I live in love. I spread love, and I treat people as if they’re loved regardless weather or not they believe in god or not. It is not god they should be mad at, but the vary “Christians” who say that do what god wishes, yet the deny the most important part of it. And that is love another as yourself. I ashamed to call myself a Christian. Nay, not because of god. BUT BECAUSE OF THE DECEIT OF MAN! Instead of you all doing who you have to do which is bringing people to Christ, you do the opposite, by belittling others. Treating them like they are all damned forever, like they are lesser even though you claim you are just as bad. Ha! If that is so, than why do you need to state in the first place? Truly that other person must already know that. So why than do you state the obvious… I wounder. I refuse to die a slave to religion. I follow god! Not foolish humans who are deceitful and are full of darkness in their hearts. Yea, we should work together, such is the Christian faith. But I will not play part in your hatred. Most Christians now… Act as the Pharocies and the Soducies did in ages past. So I will not take part in this farce. The Lord shows the way, not man…

    • Debra Geddes

      When you have the SPIRIT in you. You usually know what is fake or real, but since we are still human we still make mistakes, if this sign is fake there are a 1000 just like that are NOT!!

  • What is it those people don’t read the article before responding to it? Is it a form of troll? Amazing.

  • rusty shackleford

    F#### Christians


    • ole

      I edited the above comment because I don’t want any F-bombs on my site.

      So much for intelligent and civil discourse.

  • Reb

    The sign is a FAKE!!! READ before you respond!! Sheesh!

  • JESS

    Jesus Christ was NOT an “Oppressor”

  • Bryan

    It IS amazing that people won’t bother to read past the image. Well, maybe not THAT amazing.

  • correy baldwin

    That website is back up and running!

  • Viveka Kyahti

    I made a joke in the comments section saying what could you expect from someone attending an orange church, I have a feeling that not many will get the joke. My humour tends to be “out there.”

  • Big Black Dog

    As someone said earlier, thanks for the fact check. I didn’t think for a nanosecond that could be real, but I needed something to post to prove it. Again, thanks.

  • BigPhil

    Good grief people…. READ the post!! NOT a real sign…. I just don’t understand the rampant ignorance out here in “cyber-land”…. What the hell is wrong with you people?? Oliver? Matthew?? Any excuse for sheer stupidity??

  • People are floating this around again…it is indeed a fake, and can be easily re-created here:

    (the site you found before is back up)

  • It was pretty clear that it was fake the moment I read it, yes even to us non believers. But I do have to say that I have seen some pretty far out church sign and no I don’t mean online

  • It did seem too farfetched to be real, lol. But I am sure that there are some real ones that are quite similar.

  • I think that Christians…. Oh wait, I’m supposed to actually read the article before responding? No! I’m stupid. I have no sense of context. I belong to the church of Our Lady of Contempt Prior to Investigation.

  • Graham Hayman

    I don’t care if it’s fake. It’s a funny reminder that most, if not all mainstream religions have idiotic intolerances. Intolerances made by Man’s mind not any deity (if anything like a deity exists).

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  • Lisa

    I realize that this is a fake sign. I am a Christian and I am not stupid. I don’t appreciate the rude comments stating that we are closed-minded, I am not. I also don’t appreciate the “F” word about being Christian. If you want to be respected, you need to be respectful and I do not judge anyone as that is not my job.

  • Igor Pek

    Alright! Hwo invited vegetarians?

  • Nancy BAer

    Fake or Not, I think they are trying to make the point that we are all sinners. This sign is not pointing to the obvious. Even theives and murderers can go to heaven if they repent and ask for forgiveness and turn from their ways and follow Christ.
    That sign could have easily included doctors, nurses, philanthropists, teachers. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But there is redemption in Christ.

    All this fake sign did was put Christians in a bad light …again.

  • Michael

    It is evident that not everyone who believes in Jesus and confesses He is the son of God is perfect, 100% loving, unfailingly responsible in all things, free from imperfect character, and the smartest most intelligent people on the planet. We are “human” and have bad days, fail in many ways, fall short, and even forget who we are at times. It’s all about choosing to surrender. The real ones fall but get back up. We want to be all things to all people as we are told to do but if you honestly want to make someone look and feel like a failure, it is never hard to do. But that goes for everyone, not just those who choose to follow God.
    It is much like children who know how to act by being taught right from wrong, but fail at times. A good kid is one who doesn’t give up to honor his father.
    My observation to the big tough name callers that are obviously perfect and have arrived to total grown up status is that they unfortunately haven’t made it yet..and we all can witness it.
    So here’s to you all! Look inside or pretend to watch yourself from actions the room like a reality TV show. Be kind and loving. If you truly want to believe you are made just to be plant food for the rest of your existence after death, have at it but don’t be jerks and leave people who want to try to live right, love others, and have a hope of eternity with our Creator alone. God bless.

  • Well Then It’s Gonna Be A *HUGE* Party There !!! 😉

  • People still shouldn’t be so gullible. Not that the post was right. Thanks for the help.

  • michel

    Good work

  • I’m glad someone looked this up. After all, I am a Christian as well as a musician. And i KNOW i won’t go to hell

  • robyn

    The words on this fake sign inspired a thought provoking got us talking and expressing innermost and heated thoughts. Because the sign opened us up and allowed us to express ideas not normally spoken about , I think the sign was successful. What do You think?

  • vince

    Orange Church of God? Isn’t that John Boehner’s church? 😉

  • fredsbend

    I knew right away it was fake. If you thought it was real, well, I don’t know what to say other than I have a bridge to sell you.

  • I presume when most people see a sign like that they are thinking in this day and age of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, the ditwads who picket dead soldier’s funerals.

  • Lisa Kropp

    There IS an Orange Church website. Is it fake too? Just wondering.

  • In truth, I’m relieved that these hateful marquee messages I’ve seen over the years are fakes.

  • And once again, the most obvious thing we can learn from the comments here is that some folks will just never have a sense of humor. No matter how hard you wish they could enjoy the benefits, it just won’t happen. Too bad. ;-).

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