P.F. Chang’s – Galleria at Tyler in Riverside, CA

When we moved to Riverside, we tried some of the smaller Chinese restaurants (even one that was voted “best”) but we weren’t impressed.  When P.F. Chang’s opened at the Tyler Mall, we quickly became regulars.

P.F. Chang's - Menu

I first wrote about PF Chang’s back in July 2009. Since we continue to eat here, I update this post from time to time with new or additional pictures. Our favorites have remained fairly consistent over the years, and we usually start with Rick’s Northern-Style Spare Ribs and the Hand-Folded Crab Wontons.

When prepared properly, the Northern-Style Spare Ribs are awesome. Sometimes the ribs are a bit crispy and overcooked, but at their best they are fall-off-the-bone tender and packed with flavor.


My wife loves the Crab Wontons, although we have to remember to order them without the plum sauce on the bottom of the plate due to the way they are plated now. I like them too, but I still prefer the Yunnan Wontons that used to be on the menu.


Some of our favorite main dishes are the Mongolian Beef, Orange Peel Chicken, Salt & Pepper Prawns and Wok-Fired Filet Mignon.

The Mongolian Beef is almost always tender and delicious.


The Orange Peel Chicken is not as crispy as it is at other restaurants, and is best when we ask for a little extra spiciness.


The Salt and Pepper Prawns are just plain awesome.  If you don’t know what a prawn is (which I didn’t), it is basically a large shrimp.  So thank you to my wife’s friend Suzy for ordering something I never would have tried.  It is one of my favorites now.


My newest favorite is the Wok-Fired Filet Mignon, which is a newer item we first tried in July 2016. “Sliced 8oz. filet, black pepper butter sauce, rustic potatoes, onion, lime-garlic vinaigrette”. So good.

P.F. Chang's - Wok-Fired Filet Mignon

P.F. Chang’s is definitely our favorite place for Chinese food.

P.F. Chang’s
3475 Tyler Street
Riverside, CA

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