Dufferin Closure Between Stewart and McAllister: Public Hearing

Update 07/16/09: http://www.riversideandbeyond.com/dufferin-is-closed-at-mcallister-what-now/ —————————————————————————————————-Update 07/14/09: www.riversideandbeyond.com/dufferin-to-close-council-votes-unanimously/ —————————————————————————————————- The City of Riverside intends to close Dufferin Avenue between McAllister Parkway and Stewart Street, eliminating the intersection at McAllister Parkway and Dufferin.  For residents of nearby communities including Bridgeport, Stone Harbor, The Orchard and Victoria Grove, this action will cut off a vital route for shopping, work, school, etc.  More importantly, it […]

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Lone Star Cajun Ribeye

Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon, Corona

Update 01/24/17: Lone Star is closed. There are reports that other locations have closed around the country, including: Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa… – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Steak good. I get a little primitive when I think about steak, and when my inner carnivore […]

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Original Roadhouse Grill – Riverside, CA

Before we moved to Riverside, we stumbled upon the Original Roadhouse Grill in Riverside during a house-hunting trip.  It was great.  The steaks were perfectly cooked and the service was great.  We thought we found our new steakhouse.  During the next year or so, we visited Roadhouse many times and found it to be hit and miss.  So we stopped […]

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AVP Riverside Open Preparation – 04/10/2009

AVP Riverside Open 2009 Finals – 3rd and Market – Riverside, CA

Pro beach volleyball in Riverside? Yep. Back in April 2009, the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) held the Riverside Open in downtown Riverside as part of the 2009 AVP Crocs Tour. Since there is obviously no beach in downtown Riverside, I drove down to 3rd and Market a few times before the tournament started to see how asphalt could be […]

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Chuy's Corona - Outisde

Chuy’s Mesquite Broiler, Corona

Update: The Corona Chuy’s is closed, but the Chuy’s in Murrieta is still open has closed too. Shamrock’s now occupies this spot. The next time you’re driving down Magnolia and notice the great white shark sticking out of Chuy’s Mesquite Broiler, do yourself a favor and go inside the restaurant. This is our first post on RiversideAndBeyond.com, so we wanted […]

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