People Actually Voted for Indicted State Senator Leland Yee Yesterday?

Notice anything odd about the Secretary of State election results from yesterday?


Check out who finished in third place with almost 10% of the statewide vote. Leland Yee.  Why should you care?

  1. Leland Yee dropped out of the race.
  2. Leland Yee was indicted earlier this year after being “charged with conspiring to traffic in firearms and public corruption”.

Leland Yee’s indictment was a big story, and was difficult to miss if you watched or read any type of news at the time. Why was it such big news?

  1. Political Corruption: Leland Yee (D) is a (now suspended) California State Senator from San Francisco.
  2. Hypocrisy: Leland Yee is a gun control advocate.
  3. Firepower: Firearms discussed in the criminal complaint include “shoulder fired missiles“.

Maybe all of the votes came from people in San Francisco who were just used to seeing his name on the ballot. Nope. Over 11,000 people voted for him in Riverside County alone.


When you exercise your right to vote, please research the candidates and the issues. Rather than voting for a person we know nothing about simply because there is an “R” or a “D” next to the candidate’s name, or voting for/against an issue based on the opinion of a commentator, radio host, political party, organization, family member or friend, we need to do our homework and make our own informed decisions.

Leland Yee got almost 290,000 votes yesterday. Really California?

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