Volleyball Open Gym: Orange Terrace Park – Riverside, CA

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What:Volleyball Open Gym
When:Thursdays at 7 PM only if enough people show up.
Where:Orange Terrace Park
Address:20010 Orange Terrace Parkway, Riverside, CA
Other Info:Cost: $3 - Courts: 1 or 2
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  • ty

    We need more people here on Thursday nights for them to set up the volleyball nets. We need more people to play here.

    • Skyler

      How many people are you short by? I’d love to come play if it’s still happening? What’s the experience level like of people who do show? I just moved to the IE and I need to get out haha

  • Candi

    I’d love to come play. Idk the experience level, I used to play competitively and also coached high school but now I’m out of shape and started going to the gym but really want to get back into my sport. Looking for something fun with a little bit competitive spirit.

  • Calvin

    Is this event still going on?

  • Andrya

    Is this still going on? Like Candi said, I played competitive in high school and college level. Since then I’ve had a son and a bit out of shape lol I would love to have some fun and get back in the game!!

  • Ole

    I just called and the story is the same. If enough people show up, they will set up the nets. If enough people chime in here and want to get together on a Thursday night, I’ll try to show up too.

  • Ole

    For anyone who wants to coordinate playing in Riverside, I just created a Facebook group. If you would like to join, here it is:


  • Andrya

    I’m in! I hope we can get enough people!!

  • Calvin Dinh

    Is this an indoor court or sand?

  • Marc

    This Thursday, 6/8/17, we should have a pretty sizable group going. See you guys there.

  • Lee G

    Moreno Valley Rec is closed for the summer, so many people have migrated to Orange Terrace for Thursday night as of June 8th. June 15 there was a function at the site so there was no vb, but it should be packed tomorrow the 22nd. I even heard someone say they plan on setting up both nets if the turnout is good.

  • Marc

    We should have another good turnout tonight 11/2/17 if anybody is available.

  • Ayana

    Hey! Are you guys still playing? Its been a while, but I would love to get back into it again.

  • Nick

    Is this still a thing? I’m in town for work for a while and would love to play while I’m in the area.

  • Ole

    I recently checked the most recent Riverside activity guide and it isn’t listed. The Bobby Bonds open gym is listed. Best bet is to call the number above and check since the schedules change.

  • Joel Martinez

    Does Some know if this open volleyball is still going on on Thursdays?

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