Hiking Trails in Riverside And Beyond

When I was younger, the beach was my favorite place. Now it is up in the hills. Here are some of the trails I’ve hiked in SoCal (and some I hope to hike soon). If you know of other hiking trails in Riverside And Beyond, please let me know.

Hiking Trails – Riverside County
The Big C Trail (above UCR) – Riverside, CA
The “Big C” on Box Springs Mountain that overlooks UC Riverside. Steep in some spots and lots of ruts. More difficult to get to since the railroad tracks have been fenced off. Click for more info.
The Giant M Trail – Moreno Valley, CA
The “Giant M” on Box Springs Mountain that overlooks Moreno Valley. There are a few different ways to reach the “M”. The “M” itself is steep and slippery. Click for more info.
Santa Rosa Plateau – Murrieta, CA
Wide open spaces and well-marked trails. Some hills, but no big climbs. One of our favorite places when we want to be immersed in nature. Click for more info.
Mount Rubidoux – Riverside, CA
Paved roads up and down the mountain. Parking can be challenging. Great family hike. Click for more info.
Doty Trust Park
Doty Trust Park – Riverside, CA
One of my new favorite hiking spots. Steep hill to start the hike from Doty Trust Park. Nice hike along the ridgeline once you’re up top. Click for more info.
Pumpkin Rock - Norco
Pumpkin Rock – Norco, CA
Can be a long or short hike depending upon where you start. Nice views and a fun picture spot. Click for more info.
Lake Perris as seen from Terri Peak.
Terri Peak – Perris, CA
Great view of Lake Perris and surrounding areas when you get to the top. Can be challenging to find the trail when overgrown. Click for more info.
Temescal Tin Mine
Old Temescal Tin Mine – Riverside, CA
People drive to this spot on dirt roads, but that’s not how we get there. Often used for illegal target shooting, so be careful. Click for more info.
Tenaja Falls
Tenaja Falls – Murrieta, CA
The hike isn’t too bad if you can survive the car ride to the trailhead. Great views of the waterfall. If you hike to the waterfall, be careful because the rocks are slick and it’s a long way down. Click for more info.
Diamond Valley Lake
Diamond Valley Lake – Hemet, CA
Not many hills, but a LONG hike. This was more of a challenge hike for me to see if I could do it. Nice views of the lake. Click for more info.
Three Sisters - Riverside
Three Sisters / Flat Top – Riverside, CA
Short hike that yields some nice views of Woodcrest. Not much to see otherwise. Click for more info.
Skyline Trail – Corona, CA
This is a very popular hiking spot, which is probably why I haven’t hiked here yet. I like a bit more solitude. Click for more info.
Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park
Sycamore Canyon – Riverside, CA
Tucked in between houses and businesses, there is more space here than you might realize. Great local spot for hiking and mountain biking. Click for more info.
Do you have a favorite hiking spot in Riverside And Beyond (Inland Empire, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County) that you would like to share? Tell us about it.

Riverside And Beyond primarily refers to Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.