Riverside Magnum Range

I like to visit the shooting range every now and then.  The closest one to me is Riverside Magnum Range.

This is an indoor range located near the 91 freeway on Sampson near Buchanan Ave.  I have only been to one other indoor range and that was many years ago, so I can’t really compare this place to other indoor ranges.   The range has motorized target hanging systems in each lane and distance markings on the floor so you can tell how far you are sending your target down range.  Although the markings end at 40 feet, I believe the maximum distance is about 50 feet.

Riverside Magnum Range Hours and PricingI’ve seen law enforcement officers shoot here, which I assume is a good sign that this is a good place to go.  The range has rules including no shotguns and no rapid fire, and I’ve seen the range officer walk through the shooting area many times to make sure that everyone is operating their firearms safely.  The price to shoot here is pretty reasonable, especially if you are active military or law enforcement.  The best deal is for women, who get to shoot for free on Thursdays.  My wife has gone with me a few times to take advantage of this deal.

If you are a responsible handgun owner and want to get some practice, this place might be worth a try.

Riverside Magnum Range
12391 Sampson St # O
Riverside, CA


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3 thoughts on “Riverside Magnum Range

  • Hank Alvarez

    Thank you for putting us together with Bill Padgett. Both of us, Kit and I, are teachers and we were very impressed with his class and your facility. I think you can expect to see us returning as regular customers. Thanks again.
    Hank Alvarez
    Corona, California

  • I went to the range this week and noticed the new hours.


  • The range is now managed by the same guy who runs the Rancho Magnum Range in Rancho Cucamonga. Very nice guy.


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