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RiversideAndBeyond.com will turn 10 years old this year. I started the website to share restaurants my family enjoyed in and around Riverside, and have added a bunch of other content since my first post in 2009.

In 2019, I’m going to commemorate the first 10 years by sharing some of my favorite pictures, places and events on social media that I’ve shared on the website over the past decade. I’ll probably find some other things that I’ve never shared at all.

I’ve almost killed the website more than a few times, but thankfully never ended up pulling the trigger. I want to be more active in 2019 and would love to hear any ideas you have.

I’ve been much more active on Facebook than I have on Instagram, Twitter or other social media sites. Facebook has over 17,000 likes, but the others are lagging. If you’re on any of these other social media sites, I hope you’ll connect with me there too…

Facebook: @riversideandbeyond
Instagram: @riversideandbeyond
Twitter: @rivandbeyond
Pinterest: @riversideandbeyond

Thank you,
Kris aka Ole

RiversideAndBeyond.com - Online Since 2009.

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