Riverwalk Bark Park, Riverside

We love dogs. Instead of taking our two dogs for their daily walk yesterday, we took them to the Riverwalk Bark Park at the corner of Pierce Street and Riverwalk in Riverside.

We have brought our dogs here to play about 5 times so far, and they love it every time.  There are separate fenced areas for big dogs and little dogs, and there is also an agility course.

There is seating for the humans and lights for when it gets dark since the park is open until 9 pm.  In addition to plenty of grass, the dogs get some shaded areas for hot days and even their own drinking fountain/bowl.

This is the only dog park I’ve ever been to so I can’t compare it to others, but it is a nice place to bring your dog(s).

Riverside Bark Park
Pierce Street / Riverwalk Parkway
Riverside, CA

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3 thoughts on “Riverwalk Bark Park, Riverside

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      We have used this park for years but today’s experience was a first. The park opens at 6 AM and we come early. At about 6:30am the sprinklers went off. The dogs and I were doused before I could get them of leash to get out. There is no notice of watering hours and if the park is open at 6 it should be clear to use. This was very upsetting and most inconvenient.

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      Hi. Wish it was much bigger on the small dog side.
      Also, wish there was a lot of shade, and table and chairs
      would be nice. And as someone else said; clean the
      light posts, trashes, etc, often.

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      Oh, We do love coming here, with our little dogs, and
      have been coming for, 9 years. very cute place, especially
      with the attractive area, including the nice mobile home
      park behind doggie park.
      Thank-you again, Deana

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