Roberta’s Village Inn – La Verne, CA

We drove out to La Verne both days last weekend for a tournament, and explored the neighborhood around The University of La Verne to find a place for breakfast.


We ended up finding Roberta’s Village Inn on D Street.


Roberta’s Village Inn has a classic diner feel, and pretty much everyone I saw – customers and employees – seemed happy to be there. According to this article on The University of La Verne’s website, this place has changed hands a few times, but has been around since 1969.




One look at the menu and I knew what I was getting… Pancho’s Omelette.


The kid got some much needed carbs.


We ended up going here both days. On day one, I got the omelette with home fries.


On day two, I asked them to scramble the omelette and opted for hash browns. Both were good, but I liked the scramble a little more.


Despite having to pay with cash (a minor negative for me), this would probably become one of our regular breakfast spots if we lived in the area.

Roberta’s Village Inn
2326 D St
La Verne, CA

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