Sights: Chopping Down Riverside’s Heritage

This row of healthy orange trees along Blackburn Road in the community of Victoria Grove is not an uncommon sight in Riverside. Neighborhood orange trees are nice reminders of Riverside’s citrus heritage and the orange groves on which many of our homes were built.

Orange trees on Blackburn Road

Here is that same row of healthy orange trees being cut down and removed.

Orange trees being cut down

I guess I will contact the Metropolitan Water District to find out why.

Time to contact MWD


  • Paula Ensley

    It is a shame that fruit bearing trees were removed with no good reason. The opportunity for many families to have fresh fruit is gone. Someone needs to explain why this has happened. Our community was given no notice this was going to happen.

  • Patricia Esham

    It makes no sense at all….. Beautiful fruit bearing trees cut down and now there is nothing there…. Asthetically; bad judgement. We residents of Victoria Grove have been keeping those trees healthy and thriving for years at our expense. I remember coming to this community to look for a home and seeing the beautiful trees and thinking how nice it looked and how VG was named after the groves that our homes are built on. Very sad….I bet the person who ordered that job of chopping them down would not have thought so carelessly if they lived here. Terrible… Shaking my head!

  • Sarah Moore

    Whats even worse is that the water district lets the land they own just grow weeds and look like crap. They chop down beautiful trees just because (coming from the grapevine) they didn’t want to water them and take care of them.
    So sad that the trees had to go and we also have to look at the results of land neglected.

  • Jenifer

    I hope this doesn’t fall under the code of “dumping”. To me it seems more like vandalism. So sad that because 8 and 9 year olds picked a few oranges (rather then letting them drop and rot) the MWD decided to pout and rip them down. I guess they were able to afford it now by jacking up the water rates.
    I really hope this is because they are “replanting” trees due to age. These were the nicest in the community. ( these trees were the only thing that helped with the smell of the chicken farm.) Otherwise their “ethics” page/ code is false.
    Just need to wait, pray, and see. I pray they have a positive motive!

  • Amanda

    The really sad thing is that they didn’t even pay to take care of them. The local homeowners paid to water them. It cost them nothing to have them on their land.

  • Sandra

    This is truly heartbreaking. Beautiful trees GONE in a matter of hours leaving an entire community wondering, “WHY?”.

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