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Sonic Drive-In: Coming to Riverside at Magnolia / Van Buren

** Update 11/09/15 **

November 16th…


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Another forgotten picture…

I took this picture about a month ago at the corner of Magnolia and Van Buren in Riverside:


I drove by yesterday, and it is still a dirt lot.

In addition to the Sonic Drive-In, a Walgreens pharmacy is also expected to be built at the intersection according to the Press-Enterprise.

3 thoughts on “Sonic Drive-In: Coming to Riverside at Magnolia / Van Buren

  • Scott morley

    I pulled up pushed your stupid red button. No one took my order. I waited for this location to open and i couldnt even order. Customers shouldnt beg for a business to take there money. Get your act together. And your website sucks too. I cant believe a co spends this much money on a location and opens before machines work correctly. I finally left without ordering. Its 2015 people technology is great get some. Your management is terrible for this to happen to customers that want to give you MONEY. Im a manager in two business i would be on my managers but for this. Customer svce is more important than what you think obviously. Sorry for this message if you dont like it. But i didnt like sitting there for that long and getting no service. i looked like a fool watching everybody else order get there food and watched my frustration. Your business needs help get some. Thanks for nothing.

  • Richard

    Now open food is good and fast service

    • Thanks for the update.


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