Tacos Cancun, Corona Crossings

Update: This location is closed. The 6th Street location is still open.

We seem to be at Corona Crossings (The Crossings at Corona) all the time, so I am surprised that it took us so long to eat at Tacos Cancun. Tacos Cancun seems to have a great location right next to the movie theater, but I have never seen it crowded. Too bad, because I like this place.

Tacos Cancun has a full menu including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, salads, tostadas, tortas, etc.  Unlike many other Mexican food restaurants, Tacos Cancun cooks your food to order. So when I order one of my two favorite items – the carne asada burrito (without the pico de gallo) and the carne asada quesadilla – they cook the steak while I wait instead of reaching into a bin of already cooked meat.

The chips are fresh and the salsas are unique. I’ve eaten here a bunch of times and on probably half of my visits, the chips were so fresh that they were still warm.

The people who work here are also very friendly. In fact, while I was in the restaurant a few weeks ago, one of the workers helped a physically challenged man by getting his drink, carrying his food and helping him to a table. I like to think that any business would offer this type of assistance, but what really impressed me was the worker’s attitude. It didn’t seem as if he was helping this gentleman because he had to… it seemed that he was helping this gentleman because he truly wanted to.

If you like Mexican food, you should give this place a try.  In addition to the location in Corona Crossings, there is a Tacos Cancun near the Newport Beach pier and another on 6th St. in Corona.

Tacos Cancun
2630 Tuscany Rd
Corona, CA

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