Pumpkin Rock - Norco, CA

First Hike Up To Pumpkin Rock in Norco, CA

While waiting for my sons to start their next game on Saturday, I took a short drive around Norco, California to kill some time. I ended up taking a quick hike up to Pumpkin Rock. According to Norco Parks and Rec meeting minutes, the rock has been painted as “a pumpkin for over 20 years with some slight variations”. There was […]

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Hickory Joe’s Smokehouse BBQ – Norco

I like trying out restaurants that aren’t part of a large chain. Even if they don’t turn out to be good, I enjoy the experience of trying something new. Of course, I enjoy it even more if the food is good. One place I am glad that I found is Hickory Joe’s Smokehouse BBQ in Norco. Hickory Joe’s seems to […]

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