The Habit on Tyler in Riverside

The Habit Burger Grill on Tyler in Riverside

The Habit Burger Grill on Tyler in the City of Riverside, California has been open for just about a year, but it has recently become one of my family’s favorite places to eat. If it weren’t for my oldest son, I might not have tried it. A few months ago, after a long day of water polo, my son wanted a […]

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Wang Cho Korean BBQ - Riverside

Wang Cho Korean BBQ in Riverside Plaza is Now Open

Although I have only eaten at Korean BBQ restaurants a few times, I have been anxiously waiting for the new Wang Cho Korean BBQ in Riverside Plaza to open. We showed up for opening day last Friday, but management wasn’t able to open the restaurant for lunch due to a power outage. We went back today. There is another Wang […]

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Templo Del Sol Al Pastor Tacos

Templo Del Sol in Riverside – AMAZING Carnitas and Tacos Al Pastor

My first restaurant post of the New Year is about one of my favorite places to get tacos… Templo Del Sol in Riverside. I opened with almost the same sentence when I wrote about Josie’s Tacos in 2014. Why? Because when Josie’s closed, the recipe for my favorite tacos al pastor transferred over to Templo Del Sol. Josie’s Tacos and […]

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Famous Dave's Brisket

Famous Dave’s Riverside – Coming Soon?

Update 08/30/14: Click here for a preview of Famous Dave’s Riverside. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Could it be true? My favorite barbecue restaurant is coming to Riverside? Famous Dave’s Riverside… I like the sound of that. If this sign is any indication, it appears […]

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Wingstop - Louisiana Rub

Wingstop on Riverwalk – Riverside, CA

I was never a big fan of chicken wings until I visited Wingstop for the first time. I’ve tried wings at a bunch of places, including the place with a winged buffalo, but Wingstop is superior. I’ve been to a few Wingstop franchises, and my favorite is the Wingstop on Riverwalk in Riverside. I like the people who work here, […]

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