Templo Del Sol in Riverside – AMAZING Carnitas and Tacos Al Pastor

My first restaurant post of the New Year is about one of my favorite places to get tacos… Templo Del Sol in Riverside.

I opened with almost the same sentence when I wrote about Josie’s Tacos in 2014. Why? Because when Josie’s closed, the recipe for my favorite tacos al pastor transferred over to Templo Del Sol.

Templo Del Sol Outside

Templo Del Sol Outside

Templo Del Sol Inside

Josie’s Tacos and Templo Del Sol shared common ownership…


… so the person who made the al pastor (delicious, marinated pork) at Josie’s is now here.

This makes me very happy because the al pastor is AMAZING.

Templo Del Sol Al Pastor Tacos

Unfortunately, al pastor isn’t always available, which I learned on a recent trip. However, after they found out how much I liked it, they made some for me for my next visit. I love small restaurants.

Templo Del Sol Al Pastor Tacos

After trying the al pastor at Josie’s for the first time, I never ordered anything else. When the al pastor wasn’t available here, I was forced to try something different. That is when I learned that Templo Del Sol also makes AMAZING carnitas.

Seriously, Templo Del Sol makes the best al pastor and carnitas I have ever tried.

Templo Del Sol Carnitas Taco

Although I’m focusing on the al pastor and carnitas, Templo Del Sol has much more to offer.  Here are a few more items we have tried:

Fried Burrito:

Templo Del Sol Fried Burrito

Chorizo and Eggs:

Templo Del Sol Chorizo and Eggs

Carne Asada Enchiladas (another of my favorites):

Templo Del Sol Enchiladas

Chicken Taquitos with plenty of meat:

Templo Del Sol Taquitos

Templo Del Sol Chicken Taquito

Chips and salsa:

Templo Del Sol Chips and Salsa

If you like Mexican food, this place is definitely worth a try. PLEASE order the al pastor so they will have to make it all the time.

Templo Del Sol
1365 University Ave.
Riverside, CA

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