The Bucket Crab & Crawfish at Eagle Glen in Corona – Coming Soon?

UPDATE 07/09/14: It is now open.
Click for a recap of our first visit to The Bucket Crab & Crawfish in Corona.

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While at the Village at Eagle Glen yesterday, I noticed that The Bucket Crab & Crawfish is moving in to the spot formerly occupied by La Mesita.

I tried to contact the owner, but I got bounced around a few times. I’ll try to find out when it is supposed to open.

It looks like there are two other locations in Ontario and Norwalk, and a menu posted on Yelp for the other locations looks promising… crawfish, crab, shrimp, oysters, lobster, clams and more.

I am definitely ready for some Cajun shrimp and crawfish.



The Bucket Crab & Crawfish
2279 Eagle Glen Pkwy Ste D101
Corona, CA

6 thoughts on “The Bucket Crab & Crawfish at Eagle Glen in Corona – Coming Soon?

  • Went by today, closed and dark looking. No hours posted in the window. Closed up?

    • When we visited, the posted hours were 3 PM to 10 PM on weekdays and 12 PM to 10 PM on weekends (the hours are shown on the menu included in my other post). I assume the restaurant had not yet opened for the day when you went by.

  • Yeah finally they opened already

  • Any new updates?

    • I stopped by again on 7/3 and looked in the windows. It is looking cleaner, but part of the prior tenant’s menu is still up over the counter. I haven’t seen anyone working in the restaurant since the time I wrote the post.


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