The Hat, Glendora

Water polo often takes us out to Citrus College in Glendora. The Hat on Route 66 is our usual post-tournament meal.

The Hat, Glendora

If you’re familiar with The Hat in Rancho Cucamonga, Murrieta or any of the other Southern California locations, then you know what this place is all about: Pastrami.

The Hat, Glendora

Pastrami on chili cheese fries…

The Hat, Glendora - Chili Cheese & Pastrami Fries

Pastrami Dip…

The Hat, Glendora - Pastrami Dip

Onion rings topped with chili, cheese and pastrami…

The Hat, Glendora - Chili Cheese & Pastrami Onion Rings

We are usually at the mercy of the tournament schedule, so sometimes we get to go when it isn’t too crowded. But if you want to go during lunch, expect a crowd.

The Hat, Glendora

The Hat
611 W. Route 66
Glendora, CA

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