The Last Car Ride. Saying Goodbye to Bruce, My Great Dane.

I love our animals. We have had three dogs cross the rainbow bridge over the years. I was able to hold each one of them when they crossed. This is a little note to my Great Dane Bruce who crossed over in November 2019.

You loved jumping in the car to go for a ride. Whether it was a ride to the hills for a hike or a trip through a drive-through to get dad some food, you were always eager to come along.

You were my first dog that I raised from a puppy and my best-ever furry friend.

Even though you could barely walk, you still got up when you saw me with the leash. I remember all the times you jumped into my truck with those long Great Dane legs, but I had to lift you into the car this time. I loved watching your jowls blow in the wind as you stuck your head out the window, but you didn’t have the strength to lift your head this time.

When we arrived at the vet’s office, I think you knew. Yet you still walked in.

I’m glad I got to hold you one last time as the vet said it was time.

I hope dogs go to heaven so I can see you again.

Love you Bruce. Your family misses you.

This is Bruce. He crossed the rainbow bridge in November 2019.

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