The Original Graziano’s Pizza Restaurant – Corona, CA

Thanks to the Internet, we don’t even have to pick up the phone anymore to get a pizza delivered to our house.  The problem is that the pizza from the big chains isn’t always the best (to put it nicely), so we like to venture out to find something better.  After we moved out to Riverside, we began our quest for pizza, and found Graziano’s in Corona.

The Original Graziano's Pizza Restaurant

Graziano’s has much more than pizza, including appetizers, sandwiches, salads, pasta and more.  We usually start with some buffalo wings or pepperoni bread twists before moving on to the pizza.  We get the regular buffalo wings, which have a great taste but aren’t too spicy.

Grazianos pepperoni twists
Grazianos buffalo wings

One of my lunchtime favorites is the pastrami sandwich (no pickles), which beats any pastrami sandwich that you can get at one of the many brand name sandwich shops in our area.  Fresh bread, lots of pastrami and oven-baked… a great combination.

Grazianos pastrami

But for dinner with the family, it’s all about the pizza.  I like many different styles of pizza so I can’t say that I actually have a favorite, but this pizza is always good, hot and fresh.  Graziano’s makes the dough and sauce for the pizza, and tops it off with 100% mozzarella cheese.

Grazianos pizza

Graziano’s has plenty of space for team parties or meetings, a game room for the kids, and flat screen TVs for us older kids.  It is a great place to take the family, have a team party or watch a game.

The Original Graziano’s Pizza Restaurant
333 Magnolia Avenue
Corona, CA

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