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The Side of the Road is not a Dump

Abandoned couch by Lake Mathews It bothers me to see trash dumped on the side of the road. Why do people do this? Laziness? Cost? Apathy?

Whatever the reason, I decided to show people just how easy it is to visit the landfill.

I go to the El Sobrante Landfill in Corona, which is less than 10 miles away from Lake Mathews Dam where the couch shown above was dumped.

El Sobrante LandfillEl Sobrante - EWaste

The entrance to the El Sobrante Landfill is on Dawson Canyon Road off of Temescal Canyon Road. The first place you reach when you drive up the road to the landfill is the weigh station. The basic process is very simple:

  1. When the light turns green, drive onto the scale and check in with the attendant. The attendant will ask what you are dumping, weigh your vehicle and provide a safety vest if you don’t have one.
  2. Follow the signs to the landfill area. When you reach the area designated for cars and light trucks, you should be guided to a specific spot by an attendant. Back up and unload.
  3. Drive back down to the weigh station, get your empty vehicle weighed, and pay the attendant.

My most recent trip cost me $11.

El Sobrante Landfill - ScaleEl Sobrante Landfill

If you plan to go more than once, the attendant can give you a sticker with the weight of your empty vehicle. This will allow you to pay when you enter and skip the scale on the way out. I do this, and it is definitely more convenient.

For official information about this and other landfills around Riverside County, visit the Riverside Waste Management Department’s website.

El Sobrante Landfill
10910 Dawson Canyon Road
Corona, CA 92883

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